AlWaseel Team

  • Our employees are highly qualified and have many years of experience in sales activities. This allows us to find products and consignments at competitive quality, capabilities & prices; AlWaseel is honoured to offers your respectable organizations with the opportunity to benefit from these advantages where logistics experience, regulation knowledge, calibre employee, product expertise and customer care are of vital importance.

  • Drawing a conclusion from above, AlWaseel absolutely sure, that AlWaseel will succeed in serving your respectful organization – and will see the same trend that meet our both organization expectations in terms of technology, quality, support before / after sale and cost saving.

  • Going to the market, AlWaseel – more than anyone, acknowledge the fact, which the market needs to be ready and a slow but right start & transparencies are much more important to us than chasing volume and dumping pricing. The reasons for the customers choosing AlWaseel is so obvious that is will come back to the customer with significant saving with trusted technological products.

AlWaseel Team Certifications