Alwaseel Vision

  • AlWaseel Vision focus is “Keys to Remain Success”. AlWaseel want to be experts in our carefully selected customer range in order to ensure customer organization is always offered the right products at the most competitive price. We see ourselves as a friendly distributor, who takes pride in guiding our customer to the very best solution.

  • AlWaseel have the pleasure to offer your reputable organizations with our full support and high quality services. AlWaseel is ready to appoint key account manager to introduce our products and support your organizations on any future bids/solutions and AlWaseel guarantee the fruitful collaboration.
  • AlWaseel are building a brand product & not competing on price only, AlWaseel are absolutely sure, that both parties can benefit here looking on a long term relationship and optional of life time warranty for the majority of the products.

  • Today’s customers are forced looking into alternatives with 2 reasons: 1st is the massive savings coming with alternatives, 2nd is the evolution in our society today. Things are changing so fast that the life cycles for a product are a few years due to new technology. Then customer will upgrade & what was saved in their previous purchased is equally to a lower scrap value.
  • AlWaseel clearly believes, ranging from small companies to large enterprises, that they are afraid of the “no-name/ 3rd’s”. They cannot afford, that the equipment is failing. In between the No-Names & the originals are brands like our Brilliance Vendors. The customers will choose our product due to the facts that our customers still saving loads of money on their budgets.

  • Furthermore, the support of our vendors as well as the RMA procedure as by far outnumbering the originals so adding up the core value adds for our customer – no matter size – our vendors often turns out as not only the number one choice – but the only choice for them.